Gay dude and straight homey out in SF.. Best nightlife for both of us!
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We want to wingman each other.. at the same place.

Me (30s cis gay man) and my friend (30s cis straight man) want to enjoy the SF nightlife but also want to go to a place where we both have the chance to meet someone to flirt with. What one place can we go so that we can wingman each other? We are open to pretty much any type of bar: fancy, hipster, dance, dive. We're usually at a gay bar -or- a straight bar. We want to best of both words in the same place!
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The Mint for karaoke.
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East Bay Waltz. (More square and less sober than I think you're looking for, but it's a great part of the Bay Area dance scene, and evvvvvvvverybody can get their consensual flirt on.)
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Maybe El Rio. It's sort of a neighborhood bar, sort of gay (owned by a queer woman) and there's a nice outdoor space.
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