Dentist that takes Delta Dental in or around NYC's UWS
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Looking for friendly, decent dentist recs that accept Delta Dental insurance in or around New York City's Upper West Side
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I've been going to Dr. Bartolazo for a while. He's a friendly guy, his staff is great, and they usually run on time. Looks like he takes Delta Dental too. His office is right in Columbus Circle.
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Dr. Sachar on Madison & 46th takes Delta. They are doing my implants.
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I go to Dr. Babushkin at Manhattan Oasis at 85th / West End. Pretty sure they take Delta.
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I have Delta Dental, and go to Reginald Moncrieff on 72nd & CPW: (212) 580-4520.

FWIW, I have never had a dentist "take" my insurance- I've always had to pay at the office and submit my claims for reimbursement. Oral surgery may be different.
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Incidentally, I found my dentist (see above) by reading AskMe.
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A bit further south on 36th street, but I have had good experiences with Kenneth Cho.
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