Pirate. Cat. Socks.
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My wife loved her pirate cat socks. Does anyone know where I could get a pair? The exact socks are strongly preferred, but I've had a tough time finding whimsical cat socks at the usual suspects like department stores.
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I don't see those exact socks, but my favorite source for wacky socks is the Sock Monster. I'm sure you'll find something there that she'll love!
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Apparently they were once sold at JC Penny.... in 2007.
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Perhaps search for "Puss'n Boots" for an acceptable variation?
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Well, there are these cat skull and bones socks.

There WERE Hello Kitty pirate socks but I can't find any currently available for sale.

But personally I'd make a deal with one of the brilliant sock makers at Etsy to knit these for your wife. Making socks doesn't take long and that is a pretty simple pattern.
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Sock Dreams doesn't appear to have those, but they do have a large assortment of excellent cat socks.
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Striped Cat Socks (both the socks and the cats are striped)
Cat Argyle Socks
Cats with Umbrellas
Library Cats
Dreaming Cats
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Okay, this is a tough one, but I found:

These from Amazon

Sock Shop in Cali
(The website is down, but you might want to call and see if they have any.)

Cat socks on instagram They look to be men's socks, but if you're interested you could message them and ask where they bought them.

You can check Etsy. Someone might be able to make some or sew on little pirate hats to a pair of cat socks.
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Perhaps some of these SockDreams cat socks would be whimsical enough?
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No pirates, but some pretty whimsical stuff at The Sockery, including a pair with cats dressed up like Kings: Meowarchy.
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Try this outfit for funky socks for men women kids: Chatty Feet based in the UK but ships all over. I got a friend a pair of Frieda Callus socks and they were definitely funky and fun.
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Not pirates, but I have these CATS!!! socks and love them.
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You need socks with intergalactic space cat Lil BUB on them. Lots of designs, and a percentage of the price goes to help special-needs kitties!
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I got a bunch at Target earlier this fall.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to have the rainbow unicorn kitten pair that is my favorite online.
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I got some great socks at Sock Monster, though be warned that shipping is a profit center for them so you probably want to buy $40 worth to get the "free" delivery. I did look on Etsy and various places but didn't find anyone who was able to make cotton as opposed to yarn, except for some corporate swag companies that had a $100 minimum order. Thanks everybody!
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Your wife needs a pirate cat dress.
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