Second-hand bike shop in Berkeley, CA?
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I will be in Berkeley, CA for 6 months next year and want to get a cheap bike as transport. I won't be bringing it with me when I leave so I don't want to spend more than I need to. Can anyone recommend a good-value bike shop that has a decent range of second-hand bikes? (Bonus points for advice on bike security in Berkeley.)
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Two u locks. I'm still bitter about having my bike stolen from a Bart station a couple of years back. Google BikeLink (sorry, on phone) to find out about local, more secure bike parking near Bart stations including downtown.
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An anti-recommendation, rather than a recommendation: Karim Cycle on Telegraph is well-known as a place to look for your bike when it has been stolen. (Unfortunately, it's the only second-hand bike shop in Berkeley I can name. The other bike shops I can think of are either all new or their used bikes will be of the high quality, expensive variety.)
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In San Rafael is the Trips for Kids Recyclery, which has a smallish stock of good quality bikes at a fair price.
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Waterside Workshops, which is cool as fuck, or anyway was a few years ago when I lived near there.
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I know very little about bikes in general (so can't really speak to their quality/cost), but the Berkeley flea market at Ashby BART has used bike vendors.
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Do not buy from the Asby flea market. They are notorious for selling stolen bikes. My friend had his bike stolen and found it for sale at the market the same day. Had to buy it back as he didn't have proof it was his so take a picture of your bike (when you buy one) and the serial number. Ditto getting a bike link card for secure bike parking at Bart stations.
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I got a great used bike from The Spoke Cyclery on Telegraph for a good price. It was a few years ago, back when it was called The Bent Spoke. Seconding avoiding Karim.
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Lulu's Cyclery on Telegraph Avenue has a decent selection of used bikes. I've gone in for service a few times and they've always been friendly and helpful. When you're done with it you can sell it on Craigslist.
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