Scottish atheist solves crimes, has steamy romance, on Mystery!
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I can't believe I'm asking this, but here we are. Sometime between 1990 and 1998 I saw a miniseries on Mystery! or Masterpiece Theater or just PBS and all I remember is that it was about a Scottish atheist who was a detective, or a PI, or something mystery-related? And he points out that men wearing just socks are silly, but women wearing just socks are sexy? Setting was contemporary. It was in reruns when I saw it. What the heck did I see and can I watch it again?
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Could it have been Hamish MacBeth (which I've never seen)?
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Or maybe the delicious Cracker with Robbie Coltrane as a forensic psychologist?
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Could it have been McCallum ? I don't remember the atheism standing out but I do think there was a steamy affair (at least by 90s US tv standards). The atheism sounds more like a detail from Rebus - also starring John Hannah but a few years too late. Both the kind of ITV crime drama Mystery aired all the time, and so similar in tone and content they kind of blend together iny memory.
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Oliver's Travels?
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I'm pretty sure it's Oliver's Travels, but it might be Hamish Macbeth. I could also be mixing up details from multiple shows. Neither of the actors is familiar at all.
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YouTube confirms, definitely Oliver's Travels, but I've also seen Hamish MacBeth. Thanks!
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Re: Rebus and religion/atheism. The books mention religion - I think he starts off as a Catholic but gradually lapses. He's a cynical character and an individualist so organised religion isn't really going to be his thing.

Anyway, if you enjoy the other stuff posted above, you might like Rebus (the books or the TV series) as well.
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And if you've never seen Cracker... I rented the first episode back in the day and then ran to the video store to rent the rest of the series to binge. Loved it.
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As you figured out, it is Oliver's Travels and, believe it or not, it's available on DVD. (Or it was. The year it came out, my mother gave it to no fewer than three people for Christmas.)

Oliver's not Scottish, by the way.
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I don't remember Hamish every saying anything about religion, so I think you must mean Oliver's Travels, which was a gosh darn good show.
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