CL RSS breaks WTF?
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What's wrong with (my?) CraigsList RSS feeds?

I want to subscribe to 3 searches on CraigsList using RSS. I have added the subscriptions to bloglines sucessfully and gotten new posts.

But after each time I do it, the feed goes bad (gets the [!] icon and no more posts appear) after 1-5 days. No amount of waiting seems to fix them- I end up deleting and re-adding them every week.

Do you have this problem? Do you know how to fix it?
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I have this problem with several of my feeds in bloglines, including I hope you get some good answers here, because it's annoying as hell.
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It's often down to poor sanity checking in the data input which leads to invalid feeds. If ever a feed breaks go to, put in the URL of the feed, and see if it's busted or not.
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Another bloglines:delicious affectee here. had a power outage recently and I date my (7 feeds I think) problems to that time. I asked inthread at their weblog (delish) about any feed problems but noone responded.
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I use Bloglines too, and am wondering if it could be that Bloglines pings the CraigsList/ feeds too often. Could you change that setting in Bloglines?
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RSS was simply unavailable (and then spotty) on delicious for a while, not because of the power failure, but because it wasn't scaling well (IIRC). And then the power outage and the Yahoo! hullabaloo came along in the middle, delaying the fix. I'm not sure whether or not it's back to normal or not now, but I doubt it's the same issue as Craigslist's.
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Response by poster: I can't adjust the ping interval on BL.

I just checked with a friend and he indicates he has the same problem with CL RSS feeds.
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I think craigslist has bloglines blocked from polling their RSS feeds.

Also, today I noticed that bloglines had deleted all my craigslist search RSS feeds. I wonder if they're finally talking to each other to resolve this issue?

I've seen it recommended to email to ping them on this issue. Maybe if we all do it someone will fix this?
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