Can you recommend a piano teacher in Toronto?
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I am looking for a piano teacher who works with adults that have no previous experience. Said teacher should be located in the Toronto area and able to work with someone who is employed full-time. Personal anecdotes appreciated.
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Are you willing to travel to Markham? My kid goes to Elite Casa and Music and the teacher is excellent. I bet she could teach an adult.
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While teachers for kids are often found by word of mouth, it's a bit more difficult for adults. You may need to do something like scour Craigslist (or the Toronto equivalent) for something like this. When I taught for a music studio/school, I had the only adult student out of the thousand or so students registered at any given time.

Teaching adults vs. kids is very different. I am not sure anyone will specialize in adults, though, because the student base just wouldn't be there, and adults typically don't take lessons every week. (I, personally, prefer adult-hobbyist students, but it just isn't as lucrative.)

Maybe this opens up some ideas for you.
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Try calling The Royal Conservatory school - they have groups lessons and teachers who specialize in adults.
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