Where are the NYC bus stops listed?
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NYC bus stops. Where are they?

I've looked at the MTA maps and schedules, but they don't seem to list the actual stops anywhere. The schedules have a few stops listed with timelines, and the maps just show the routes without showing which corners the buses stop at, typically just the places you can transfer to another bus or subway. Am I missing something? Is there any way to figure out if the bus stops where I need to go?

It needn't be down to the level of "which corner", or even precise blocks - I'd settle for a 2-block radius.

Is this information obtainable somewhere (online preferably)? All five boroughs, not just Manhattan.
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In most cases, local bus lines in the five boroughs stop at every single corner. I hope that helps.
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I think at a minimum they stop every other block.

Which is why it can take forever to get anywhere.
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If you know the bus' route it's assumed that walking a couple blocks among that route will lead you to a bus stop. Why do
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You can search specifically for bus stops on Hopstop. Doesn't seem to connect them via route lines though.
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nyc busses stop generally every 2 blocks, occassionally 4.

IMO it's stupid that they never list what the stops are, but it's probably because there's a measure of fluidity when it comes to stopping, what with construction and the like.

aka, i usually wander around like a moron, but that's not really out of the norm for me, either ;)
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Response by poster: Is there documentation somewhere of the intention to have the bus stop every 2-4 blocks (or whatever it is)?

Actually, I've lived in Manhattan for 30 years, and this question only recently came up - I've just always assumed. But I'm faced with a situation where assuming isn't reassuring enough and I'd like to know for sure.
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A map showing all the stops in any one borough (or portion thereof) would simply appear too cluttered. I suspect that's the reason why we're not finding them anywhere (except for *cou*hopstop*gh!*)
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Response by poster: Well, a list would do. Not everything needs to be a map.
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if the bus runs crosstown, the bus stops on every avenue, usually near the corner.

For uptown/downtown, the stops are pretty much spaced about 4 blocks apart.

The thinking is, like nixerman says, if you know the route, you can pretty much find a bus stop by walking along the route.
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If you are looking for this information in order to plan a trip, it looks like there is an online transit planner which incorporates bus stop information from the New York public transit system.
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Response by poster: Also, I assume that this doesn't apply to express or limited bus lines. How do I find out where those stop?
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