Photolab in Baltimore?
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Help me find a photolab in Baltimore!

I recently came back from a trip and have 15 rolls of 35mm film to develop. All of them need to be processed C-41 (negative film), although I shot some slide film to be cross-processed.

I want these rolls developed and scanned, with something around 1000~2000dpi (around 1000~2000 pixels per side) just for web use. Preferably each roll will be around $10 each for developing and scanning -- I'm not looking for professional-quality services, just a good reliable lab with a decent scanner....that happens to do cross-processing as well.

Do you know of any good places in Baltimore? Thanks!
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Almost any lab will do this anymore. Before I went all-digital in 2001 I used Costco's services since they were cheapest, though they took a few days. Now I imagine they do it in-house.
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snapfish has processing facilities in hampton park, so turn-around is quite fast for MD. folk.
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Best answer: I would think that any lab would cross process your film, but if you need it pushed or pulled, you should probably go to a pro lab like Artography
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Best answer: Techlab in Belvedere Square is excellent.
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