Driving + transit from Boston to Manhattan
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How can I drive most of the way from Boston to New York, park, and then take commuter rail (or similar) into Manhattan?

I did something similar to this for a trip to Philadelphia based on advice from askme and it was great.

I'm tired of taking buses from Boston to Manhattan and would like to drive most of the way and then take commuter rail or something the rest of the way. The train isn't an option...I usually only have a day or two notice and last time it was like $200 cheaper to fly than to take amtrak.

I'd like to drive 3/4 of the way from Boston to NYC, park my car safely and cheaply, and then take a train into the city. What's the best way to do this?
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How long will you be needing to park? There's parking up and down the NJ Transit lines, but some of it is daytime-only (no overnight).
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You're looking for Connecticut or Westchester MetroNorth stations, I'd say. Less driving than Jersey. Maybe Stamford or New Rochelle will have big, long-term garages. I know New Rochelle has the rental car garage, so it may be a good start.
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Response by poster: How long will you be needing to park?

Sometimes just day trips, sometimes for 3 or 4 days and nights.
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What has worked for us in the past is to drive to Stamford CT and catch the MetroNorth train there.
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You can pick up the MetroNorth line into Manhattan as far east as New Haven. Union Station in New Haven has an associated parking garage, though I don't know how readily available their longterm parking is.
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I've done this many times from Central Massachusetts. If you're only leaving your car over the weekend, Mamaroneck is the closest station to NYC where you can pick up the MetroNorth and park your car safely for free (caveat, I haven't done this or checked on the parking policy since 2009, and the parking is a lot, but it never felt insecure to me). If you want a shorter drive, with the tradeoff of a longer and more costly MetroNorth ride, New Haven's parking structure is safe and reasonably priced.

All that said, if you plan on traveling between Boston and NYC a whole lot, keep your eye out for an introductory offer for an Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card -- between gas, parking, commuter rail tickets, tolls, wear and tear on the car, etc, Amtrak Regional rides with some thoughtful use of the Guest Rewards program are not substantially more expensive.
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White Plains is another possibility. One advantage is that it's served by both express and local trains; most stations closer in than White Plains only get the locals and most stations further out only get the expresses. The same is true at Stamford.

I've parked at White Plains before (coming in from Western MA), and in my memory it has a big parking garage, but that was at least ten years ago.
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White Plains is my go to when driving to NY from RI.
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Parking at the New Rochelle station garage is permit-only (and permits are only available to New Rochelle residents). If you're looking to go in for just a day and then drive back, you might be able to park in the New Roc City parking garage for up to 12 hours, but I haven't tried to do that in nearly 15 years.

I think your best bet will be to try to park at one of the local Connecticut stations between Stamford and New Haven. One of my coworkers, who lived in NYC, used to leave his car there (at a station two or three stops away from New Haven) during the week and then drive to the Cape on the weekends after work.
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Fairfield Station appears to have up to three nights parking at $6.00 per day.
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Milford lets you park for free on weekends.
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