What's the most intuitive schedule making program out there for mac?
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Basically it goes like this. I've got like 30 tasks that have to be done. They all have durations of 2 to 4 days each. Is there some program that just generates that and populates it onto a calendar of some kind? I don't want to do this as a google calendar or link it to my ical. I'm looking for some intuitive interface that, when things go sideways and it takes and extra day, bumps everything else down a bit.
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I'll bet there are some Excel templates already set up this way. Microsoft Project should also do this if you have that program.

If you want, you could make your own Excel sheet. If you have the list of tasks in one column, you can have a projected start date in another column and a projected finish date in the third column. Use formulas to determine the start and end date for each task based on the end date for the previous task. Start date is previous task's finish date and then the end date is the current task's start date plus three. Then when things actually start and actually finish, overwrite the formulas with the actual date. The remaining formulas will update based on the new date.
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There is a Java-based (I know, I know) tool for OS X that builds Gantt charts, which is simple to use once you grasp the notion of dependencies. :7) It is free and has a cute bee logo; its name is GanttProject.

You make a new file, add each project on a line as a task, with a start and end date, and then and dependencies (which delay start) or deadlines, plus your expected duration.

It's a little clunky, but it's free, and it works fine. (I used it earlier this year when I couldn't get a full copy of MS Project for OS X at work.)
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I was recently looking at a project management tool called Liquid Planner that does exactly this. I thought it was a very cool feature.

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