Non-wool socks that are super wide and durable
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Smart Wool socks are the only socks I've found that are both durable and comfortable on my super-wide feet (EEEE), but I want to branch out from wool for Reasons. I've already tried Sock Dreams, and the socks in the right style are not wide enough no matter what they say about them on the website.

I'm looking for crew socks I can wear for walking and athletic activity - not thin dress socks or knee highs. I'm female and fine with wearing men's socks, but I'd really prefer actual colors, not black or white. I've googled wide socks and diabetic socks (though I'm not diabetic), but nothing seems to get really stellar reviews. Most of what I've found has been on Amazon, but I'm guessing there are sock companies that aren't on Amazon. I'm totally happy to spend lots of money on a sock that is comfortable and lasts a long time. Can you help me find my happy socks?
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Darn Tough makes wool and non-wool socks in really nice colors that last forever (and have a guarantee) and some of them are for sporty stuff. They are what you want.
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Seconding Darn Tough. I bought a few pairs about 3-4 years ago and they're still going strong. Smart Wool always wore out after about a year.
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Thirding Darn Tough...they're the only socks I wear now for anything active, warm or cold weather. They're the best.
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Don't want to threadsit, but please note I said I have extremely wide feet. I don't see anything about wide feet on the Darn Tough site, and none of the answers have mentioned that aspect (though perhaps people are just assuming that and it doesn't mean they won't fit). Smart Wool are seriously the only socks I've ever tried that haven't been too tight. Thanks!
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I have just bought a pair of Sockwell theraputic socks. They're rated for diabetic feet but most importantly they fit my extremely wide feet (not like, just a little wide, but full-on WW, although I don't know if I'm a EEE or a EEEE at this point). They're plushy and thick and I love them a lot. They're a bamboo blend. I also love Smartwool socks, but these may be my new favorite.
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Sorry, I had cruised around some of their items on Amazon which had reviews from people with wide feet who thought the sizing mostly worked. The thing I like about them is that you can call them specifically and say "Look, this sort of sock from someone else fits me, can you match that?" and they can tell you if they can and they have a good return policy.
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Do you have a wide forefoot, or are they more hobbit-style all over wide? I have a very wide forefoot and am wearing Darn Tough socks right now and they feel great. They are pretty contoured around the arch though, which is partly why I like them, so I don't know if they would feel as good on flatter wide feet.
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I also have EEEE feet and wear darn tough socks. (when I wear socks) Normally I am in double wide boat shoes that have stretched to fit my feet. They do really make the best socks. The answer to any sock question should really just be darn tough socks.

I've given some to people over here in the UK (I am from VT originally) and they are always impressed with them. Like impressed enough to ask me for a few more pairs.
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I have wide feet, although not super-wide, and Thorlos socks are the comfiest I've ever owned, both in regular and in hiking varieties. I can't find any text on their site specific to very wide feet, but you could probably email them and ask.
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Balega socks are the most amazing socks! Super comfortable, super durable! I am a woman and dont have wide feet so I cant speak to the width issue, but I suspect their customer suport would be able to answer that question. They are truly stupendous socks!
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After all the great praise, I tried Darn Tough, and I' ve got to say it really didn't work out. I wrote the company and basically got a list of socks without reference to how wide my feet are (really, I could have come up with that list myself). I wrote again and got a more specific recommendation. I bought some socks based on the second e-mail, and they were not wide enough.
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