Sending a gift to Mexico
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My partner's mother should have a gift, and I'm worried about sending it to her in Mexico. She hosted us in Mexico (SMA) during the Thanksgiving break. My understanding is sending it is fraught with difficulty, and it would be nice if she were not subject to form-filling-out and other exercise to receive it.

My partner's mother is a charming lady with a wonderful sense of humor and a willingness to run around with us getting into trouble, so I found myself really enjoying her presence.

She misses having music to play, and we talked about it. It seems that a docking station for her ipad would work for her.

We looked at the Coppel store for something useful and came up empty. I would like to send something worthwhile to her, but have been scared off by horror stories about customs forms and 'lost' packages.

What is the most likely way to get a package containing a nice docking station safely into her hands?
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I have two strategies for giving gifts internationally while avoiding shipping delays: use with the search filter location set to the local country, and use the local version of (in this case, that seems to be ).
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Came here to say what Amtho wrote. You will avoid all the customs duties and so on. Just ship something from within Mexico.
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Another option is contacting La UniĆ³n, which is a shipping company in SMA. They would be able to receive anything in the US and ship it to SMA.
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