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I'm looking for vegetarian restaurant/cafe suggestions in the following Midwestern cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Kansas City. They don't have to be 100% vegetarian but they should have more than one boring veg option. Thanks!
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I went to the Great Lakes Brewpub in Cleveland a few years ago - not the most meatless menu but there are a decent amount of vegetarian choices and everything I ate was extremely delicious.
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On the off chance you've never used it before, Happy Cow keeps a quite good index of veg restaurants by city.

Kansas City, MO

The Cafe Gratitude in KC is worth a visit if you've never been to one.
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There's a place called Eden Alley Vegetaria on the premises of the Unity Temple on the Plaza in KC. The food is very inventive and pretty cheap.
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I am vegetarian and live outside of KC so all my recommendations will be for there. Seconding the recommendation for Cafe Gratitude if you want a fully vegan restaurant (very good and reasonably priced, too). I also like these KC options though they are not vegetarian but do offer vegetarian options: Chez Elle and Lulu's Thai Noodles. (I did not like Eden Alley or Fud.)
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I love Tommy's in Cleveland. They will make you a falafel omelet. Can you imagine a better thing? There's also a cool bookstore adjoining.

And yes - Eden Alley (aka "Church basement vegetarian") in KC is wonderful too.
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We're regular visitors to Cleveland, our most recent vegetarian meal: Greenhouse Tavern
Highly recommend brunch. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Our original first choice was Town Hall but it was prior to the election and there was some controversy about there being a political fundraiser held on site. At the time people were calling for boycotts, but some of that appears to have lessened due to clarifications on their part. YMMV.
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Where in Cincinnati will you be?
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Highly recommend Tommy's in Cleveland Heights.
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Melt Eclectic Cafe
Ruth's Parkside Cafe
Orchids at Palm Court
Green Dog Cafe
Pho Lang Thang

Basically any restaurant on this list and this list as well.

We have a really good food scene here in Cincinnati.
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In additional, to cooker girl's suggestions, I recommend Abigail Street which is a Mediterranean small plates restaurant, 40% of which is vegetarian. The new hotness in town is Please (although I haven't gotten to go yet) and it features a vegetarian tasting menu.
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Second the greenhouse tavern in Cleveland - or chef sawyer's other spot - Noodlecat
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If you're in west-side Cleveland: Forage Public House, Cleveland Vegan, The Root Cafe, Barrio.
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I'm not sure if Kansas City's Blue Bird Bistro has as many options as you would like (looks like just 3 on the relatively small lunch/dinner menu), but their food is quite tasty. It's also open for breakfast.
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mmascolino, I'll be near the University of Cincinnati.

I'm excited about all of these options! But sad I won't be able to go to them all. I'll try to hit at least one in each city.
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My favorite KC place to take vegetarians/vegans is Char Bar - they do traditional KC BBQ, but have several vegetarian/vegan options including an amazing smoked jackfruit. (Also lots of veg/vegan sides and other sandwiches.)
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That's a great location. Melt and Ruth's are a short drive to the west. Please/Abigail/Pho Lang Thang is a short drive to the south. UC being a big campus also means the typical type of college campus restaurants will be in an abundance and most will at least nominally cater to a vegetarian audience. I don't however know of a specific place on campus that I'd seek out specifically for the vegetarian food.
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I went to Tommy's in Cleveland Heights - count me in as a convert to the falafel omelet!

Then Lulu's Thai Noodles in KC - super yum though I did have to ask them to leave the fish sauce off.

Sadly didn't get to go to any of the suggestions for Cincinnati. But I did have a ridiculously good veggie burger made with beets at Krueger's Tavern.

Thanks so much for helping me out!
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Oh, and I also hit up Barrio in Cleveland!
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