Should I branch out from OkCupid?
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I've been using OkCupid successfully for many years, but I'm wondering if I'm likely to have more success elsewhere now. What's the best option for finding poly/ENM people in the Boston area?

To add a few more relevant details, I'm in my late 30s and happy to date +/- about 10 years. I'm a feminist and interested in dating independent women who know what they want, but I'm pretty flexible with respect to how serious the relationship becomes or how often we see one another.

I've been using OkC for many years, so I have a fair amount invested in my profile and am reticent to put effort into something else unless it's likely a better fit for my situation. I've considered Tinder since it's pretty fast to get to the meeting stage, but I wonder whether it's good for finding non-monogamous folks. I've heard good things about Bumble from the feminist perspective, but I don't know if it's any good for non-monogamy or popular in Boston.

Any others that I should be checking out?
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Well, there is always meeting in person, in groups specific to the subject

And fetlife has at least one Boston poly group, guaranteed.
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The people my age (late 20s/early 30s) who are using dating apps are mostly using Tinder and Bumble. There are tons of people on both, but more on Tinder, who state that they're poly in their profile. You'll be in good company.
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Have you tried My poly-dude-I'm-seeing raves about it, noting that it seems to be a lot more female-friendly.
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