What's cooking in this Coke commercial?
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What's cooking at the 7 second mark in this Coke commercial?

Something's being sprinkled onto hot oil and sizzling very attractively, but what is it? And it's presumably not the actual dish, just the precursor, so what do you suppose they're actually cooking?
It kind of looks like garlic, but do people drop garlic into hot oil? I don't cook a lot but when I do, the oil and garlic start in the pan together.
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Looks like crushed/chopped garlic to me too. I would certainly add garlic to hot oil like this, perhaps for a few seconds ahead of something else going into the pan.
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I agree that it is garlic. There seems to be some leafier pieces in there which could be an herb.
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I always drop the garlic into oil that is already heated to shimmering.

I agree that it is garlic and, possibly, some kind of chopped herb.
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yep, looks like chopped garlic, and maybe fresh thyme tips ? When cooking, I heat the pan, then add the oil to get that hot, then start adding the ingredients.
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Garlic in oil. Sprig of thyme.
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Definitely garlic. I can smell it. (I heat the oil first too.)
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starting the garlic in cold oil is supposed to pull out more flavor before it gets to the dreaded burnt garlic stage, but clearly many people don't do it that way.
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Minced garlic, and looks like parsley
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I also think it's garlic and parsley. FWIW this is a pretty common combination for putting on fries or potatoes.
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Contrary to everyone above, I think it's minced ginger. Can you imagine touching/rubbing chopped garlic with your fingers like that? You'll have garlic scented hands for days.

Re: hot vs. cold oil - it's a commercial. It doesn't have to have any basis in reality, it merely has to look good. Which it does.
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Hot Pan. Cold Oil. No Stick.

~ Yan Can Cook
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Not meaning to be snarky, but it's whatever substance the art director of the commercial thought looked appealing in the shot--it's not even necessarily edible.

I agree with everyone who says that's a pretty standard way to cook garlic (even down to the random herb, whether thyme or parsley) and that it could be ginger, but it's not a real recipe in the sense that the food they're playing with was cooked like that. And that's pretty much exactly how I handle minced *anything* in the kitchen, with my hands, cause that's what hands are good at, grabbing, grasping, pinching, carrying, tossing.
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FYI gyusan, you can easily get the garlic smell off of your hands by rubbing/washing them against a piece of stainless steel. In fact, one of those As Seen On TV commercials in the eighties used to sell a small rectangular piece of stainless steel for just this purpose. I just use a spoon and some dish soap.
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You can even get the odor removing stainless steel in a fish shape.
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Thank you folks, I am aware of the stainless trick, and I too use my hands for most everything in the kitchen... I was trying to make a joke about the stinky fingers thing. I guess it was too early. nevermind.
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