If I can't get the shoes, how about a nice um-ber-ella?
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For Christmas my wife is interested in a pair of the upcoming Puma by Rihanna velvet creepers. I know that the previous releases in this line have sold out in hours. Now that it has been named Shoe of the Year and this release is dropping in primo holiday shopping season (December 8th) I assume this new set will be even harder to get. My questions are (1) How can I increase my chances of snagging a pair of these shoes online as part of the official sale? and (2) If strategy (1) fails, are there sneakerhead resellers where I can buy a pair after the fact for not too much of a premium on the purchase price?

Note: Similar velvet creepers are not sufficient. She is obsessed with Rihanna and it is the RiRi connection that makes her covet these kicks. I don't understand either, but such are the dictates of fandom and Christmas.
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Be ready to buy from Puma's online store at 10 AM ET (that's when all the previous drops have happened), and you should be okay.
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I don't have experience with shoes specifically, but with other limited-release items. The most important ways to improve the chance of success are to be knowledgeable and prepared.

Knowledgeable: What platforms will the shoes be available in? Just Puma.com and in-store, or will other online retailers be releasing them? Does Puma time releases randomly or always at the same time? Do they announce releases on Twitter? Will there be a product code you can spam-search for on their website, or a "coming soon" webpage you can constantly refresh?

Prepared: Register for online shopping accounts in advance. Get comfortable with your browser autofill capabilities and limitations. Familiarize yourself with the eCommerce system. Follow any Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat accounts that could make an availability announcement. Investigate software that alerts you when a webpage updates (I've had bad luck with these before, but that was 5 years ago). Take the day off work and get ready to flex your F5 button. Use a computer with a mouse and keyboard, not your phone or a touchpad.

That being said, the last Rihanna creeper release took 3 hours to sell out, so I think you will be fine as long as you are organized and prepared. If the shoe does sell out, keep refreshing hoping for a restock.
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Above are good tips, but the link you posted says they are being released Dec 4th. So make sure you have the right date and be ready to roll :)
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The Puma by Rihanna website says Dec. 8 at 10am.
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I NEED TO KNOW....did you get 'em????
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No one spill the beans, OK?

It was interesting. I was logging into a few different sites that were supposed to carry them, and when I got on bloomingdales.com I discovered they were already on sale before 8:00 AM ET! The preferred color was already out of stock in almost all sizes, but I actually placed an order for the black ones at 7:59. The order confirmation had a shipping date of 12/23, and I was concerned about pre-release shenanigans screwing up the order, so I got on puma.com at the stroke of 10:00 and got the size and color I (she) wanted. I cancelled the Bloomies order, but it has since occurred to me that I should have kept that order as well and put them on eBay once they came in.

Thanks for all your help!
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Way to go! You had a team of mefite sneaker fangirls rooting for you on facebook :)
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I was deeply, emotionally involved in this.
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Aww, thanks! I will be sure to post some pics once they have been opened!
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Reader, she cried. Thanks again for all the help!
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