Australian Windows laptop under $500 recommendations
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I need laptop reccomendations very quickly after a change in a personal situation. I am in Australia (regional city) and need to be able to get my hands on it in 48 hours so online is out.

I am a windows user and I use my laptop for watching tv shows/movies (low res) and facebooking/metafilter/minor document stuff etc. No gaming/ extensive office work and I am after something pretty portable. I don't won't to spend more then $500 and the less the better. While I am pretty IT savy right now i need easy and reliable.
Aside from above I would prefer not super tiny and with an SSD but those are lesser requirements. I have access to JBHI/Harvey norman etc. all the usual Australian regional city places. I would love specific links or info (JBHI hp xxxxx for example) and reasons why. I have alot to sort out in the next few days so am outsourcing a possible solution to Ask Mefi:-)
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I have a JB catalogue here and just had a peek online. There are 5 in the hard copy under $500 but more (17) online. However, in my experience fronting up to your local JB is liable to yield a number somewhere in between and possibly a better deal. They range between 11 and 15" and all appear to have 4GB of ram (which is not a lot for Win 10). The machines in the catalogue are HP, acer, Lenovo and Dell. Any of them would be fine, although a clean out of "helpful" software initially would be good. If I were you, I'd go into JB and get any of these 14 or 15" machines. If - as sometimes happens in the city - they have a bunch of refurbished laptops at the same price, or one with more ram, I'd get one of those instead.
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I actually came to suggest a JB as well. I've bought from them in the past with zero problems.
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Well I spent $593 in June and bought this Dell from JB Hifi and haven't had any problems with it. I bought this one because a numpad was essential. I mainly use it for internet and TAFE assignments using MYOB, Excel and Word however I have been playing a bit of Portal 2 with no problems. Based on this I would recommend a Dell. Maybe this one?
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The machines in the catalogue are HP, acer, Lenovo and Dell

I recommend avoiding HP.

I'd recommend avoiding Toshiba as well, but they're not in the catalogue.

Low-end HP and Toshiba laptops will cause you endless grief. Acer, Lenovo and Dell all do a far more competent job of building down to a price.
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