NYC dentist- caveat must be trustworthy and painless!
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Short version- I need a GOOD NYC dentist. Willing to go out of network if necessary.

I could write an emotional novel about my recent dental events, past dentists and my current state which requires a good new dentist STAT. Do you have any recommendations, prefer UFT prefer Union Square/EV/Grammercy area but honestly at this point paying and traveling to have peace of mind (and mouth) is fine too. Needs to be expert, painless and available!:) Thank you!
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I've had a good experience with Dr. David Green at Madison Dental Arts. I've had emergency dental work performed by Dr. Green and had a very good experience. Unfortunately they don't accept my insurance since I switched jobs a few years ago and I miss them.

I now go to Meridian Dental Group. And I really really like them too. I haven't had any major work done there - but their offices are brand new and sophisticated and they don't push unnecessary work on me. I had cycle through a few duds to find them.

Sorry - these are both midtown area - I don't know anyone downtown.
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So she's not in NYC, but in Hoboken, but I really like Dr. Marian Farag. I had a some issues with going to the dentist before her, but she was not judgmental at all, was very empathetic and realistic, and was gentle and thorough when working through the initial stuff. After that, regular checkups were great too. Sadly, I had to stop seeing her because it was inconvenient to both my new home and to work. If it's relatively convenient for you, though, I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
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I really liked Dr. Craig Roberts - his practice is West Village Dentistry:
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The Dental Boutique is great. The dentist is fast and nice and there is a therapy dog that sits on your lap and makes everything magic. Plus there is wine in the waiting room.
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Can you be more specific? Do you need just cleanings, or fillings and other work, do you want gas, speciality?
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I have seen Dr. Tim Radin for many years. I love him.
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I was always happy with Gary Orbach on Central Park South.
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My dentist (Midtown) is great. MeMail me for the name.
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Anyway, I use advanced dental arts for fillings due to a need for specialty novocaine delivery, so they can be a good bet.
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Like ch1x0r, we go to Advanced Dental Arts in midtown, and even my son loves going there.

My only frustration is that our preferred dentist there stopped taking our insurance, even though all the other dentists there accepted it. I realize you're willing to pay out of pocket, but it's worth asking about which plans are accepted by each dentist and requesting to be seen by one who's in your network (they've got a nice office and new equipment, but they're not cheap).
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I see Dr. Babak Hamidi in Tribeca. He is the only dentist who has ever taken me seriously when I said the anesthetic was allowing me to feel what he was doing. He fixed it immediately. They have Saturday hours once a month and the whole staff is fantastic. (I'm in the middle of some medium involved dental work. I have a lot of shame about this, they are very kind about the whole thing.)
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I've been going to Dr. Sachar's office (previously recommended on the Green). The work (deep clearn/gum scraping and then a cavity filled) has been almost painless (except for the actual novocaine shots which have always hurt me, so if someone here has someone who has a dentist who can do the shots painlessly, go to them) and Dr. Wong (who I've been seeing mostly) was really good about making sure I got extra novocaine when it wore off during the cavity filling. I saw Dr. Sachar once when Dr. Wong was out and she's amazing herself.

I've never had a completely pain free cleaning since I was a kid (I'm not as good about stuff as I once was), but on the whole it's been some of the least painful that I've had.
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