Post-Christmas/New Years Getaway
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Where can I go on such short notice?

I found out that I might be getting the week between Xmas and New years as paid vacation, and I'm not one to waste vacation time! But it's pretty late to book stuff, so I was wondering if the hivemind had any destination suggestions.

- Leaving from LA
- Budget: preferably no more than 1200 pp, cheaper is always better of course but we're past the age where we want to rough it
- 4-5 people
- No zika areas, unfortunately. One friend is pregnant.

We've considered New Orleans, Hawaii (stays were hard to find, yes), Canada (cozy winter cabin, perhaps)--just wanted to see what else might be possible. Thanks!
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Montreal is reachable non-stop on Air Canada, probably within your budget (especially if people share rooms or if you do an airbnb?), is close to the extremely charming Quebec City, and will feel totally different from Los Angeles (do you have real winter clothes?). Do check Quebecois holidays to see if you'll be able to fully enjoy the city or if a lot will be closed.
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What about Arizona, New Mexico, or somewhere in the California High Desert? (Palm Springs! You can VRBO some awesome houses there - well within your budget.) I've done a long weekend in a house in Joshua Tree in the winter, sitting in the hot tub at night, hanging out reading and cooking big meals and poking around in town.

You can get all the way to Phoenix or Flagstaff in an easy day drive (it's about 6 hours), you'll stay well within access of medical attention, no real zika risk, gorgeous views, no flying - and spend all that travel money on a sweet house with a pool.
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Gotta try Canada. It's really cheap with the strong dollar. It will be hard to find a cheap place near a skihill like Whistler, but Mount Washington on Vancouver Island is worth a shot. Will there be snow? Hard to say.

Vancouver hotel rooms are kind of expensive, but Victoria on Vancouver Island is about 30% cheaper, and there is no snow or rain compared to Vancouver or other parts of Canada. Nice and warm, and you can go jogging if you want on New Year's Day. Direct flights from SF.
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