Help me find a vacation spot in Utah-ish
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I'm planning a family reunion of sorts. We have folks driving in and meeting somewhere near Salt Lake City, Utah. I know nothing about this area. Can you please help me find a vacation town/rental in this general vicinity? Details within.

We are 6 adults, one baby, and maybe a dog if allowed. I'm looking for ideas on general areas to start looking at.

Goals: Nice house (larger with space for all of us), most preferably with some sort of water view, whether that's a lake or river. There should be a lake for fishing nearby. Some sort of town nearby for dinner out or provisions for cooking. One of us is in a wheelchair, so availability of newer homes that might be more accessible would be preferable.

We're also open to a grouping of smaller individual cabins.

I've looked at Bear Lake - what do you know about this area - and where are there more rentals, Utah or Idaho?

I don't know anything about Utah Lake - is this resort-y?

Is Park City a summertime destination? Is the Jordanelle Reservoir a fishing hole?

I see lots of reservoirs in Utah - are any of them vacation destinations?

We can also go further east into Wyoming or Colorado too - along I-80 would be best. Do you have recommendations in that area?

This is for summertime - next May, most likely. If you have recommendations for actual house rentals, that's great, but I'm also just looking for general ideas on areas to look at or fun places to visit in any of these areas listed above.
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Bear Lake is nice, with lots of rentals. Nice for the summer. There are hot spring areas in Northern Utah, and maybe vacation rentals say in Honeyville, where one of the Hot Springs is. Park City is a lovely summertime destination, with lots of shops and restaurants. You can't go wrong with Park City, there is water over at the Jordanelle, and maybe rentals too. Utah Lake is not resorty, even though they might want you to think so. It is very polluted, and last year was an algae bloom nightmare, too little water, too much agricultural use. There is a really nice inn up near Strawberry Reservoir. The Inn is great, meaty, loggy. It is called Daniels Summit. Heber Valley is really nice, just in behind Park City, and just south from I 80. Heber has a big hot spring resort, and lots of nice mountain views, and there is food up there in that town. Park City is a half hour from Heber for more restaurants. Heber is so very nice.
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