Great-tasting easily-mixed protein powder?
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What is a protein powder that is a) good for building muscles, b) stir-mixes very easily with milk or water, c) is a good value, and d) tastes good? Thanks.
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Creatine isn't really the kind of powder you seem to be describing, but I've always known it to be much more effective than the bulk-up whey junk in huge jars (when used carefully, of course).
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I can't tolerate creatine (even with plenty of water, etc.), but I always found that I recovered more quickly when I followed a hard workout with a protein shake, some sugar, and a multivitamin. I think the BodyTech stuff from Vitamin Shoppe isn't too bad, and is cheap. You'll want to stick with the sugar-free flavored whey protein; while you do want sugar, the amount of sugar in "weight gainer" supplements is usually out-of-control. Honestly, to me it all tastes the same (ie, pretty bad), so I'll just buy the cheapest powder per gram of protein. My post-workout shake was usually 1% milk, a couple scoops of whey protein, and either a squirt of coffee syrup or a little chocolate Quik.
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I am a big fan of Spiruteen Soy based powder. Chocolate and Vanilla both delicious. I mix mine with soy milk. Then Hulk Smash!
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Whoa! This has quickly derailed into some sort of creatine jam session.

More on-topic, I think you'll find that the tastiest, most easily-mixing, most nutritious protein powder is also one of the most affordable: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein (chocolate flavor)

There's plenty of info to be googled on why whey protein is the way to go if building muscles is your primary goal.
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1. Creatine is an amino acid complex. It's an excellent supplement (improves short term memory in vegetarians) BUT it's not a substitute for protein AT ALL.

2. Do not consume Soy Protein in any form. It's not good for your testicles. Literally. Avoid it. It also has a low BV.

3. I suggest Grow! - I've consumed nearly every form of protein available... it is easily the best... it tastes good, it mixes well, it's a quality product...

If you decide to buy something else, please remember: It should be microfiltered whey, and NOTHING ELSE.
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EAS makes ones that taste good and mix well - Advantage High Performace Chocolate is teh yum.

But the best tasting whey drinks are the Isopure protiens. Not thick or funky tasting. They are almost pure protien - ready made ones come in fruit flavors - but you can also get powder. I have not tried the powders so I do not know how they mix.
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Costco sells a delicious whey protein powder (in large plastic jugs). The chocolate flavor is good in milk. The vanilla flavor is great in a smoothie.
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Second on avoiding the soy, unless you WANT your estrogen levels increasing...

I've tried quite a few protein types, and ended up with the Twinlab Whey Protein. Good stuff, methinks, but I only use it to supplement with regular food, not for muscle bulding. However, it's not nasty tasting. That's a good thing.
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link re: testicles?
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Also... It's more or less beyond debate, at least among those who have any muscle, that you need about 1.3 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass per day.

It's also more or less beyond debate that you need to eat some protein no less than every three hours. Protein doesn't stay in the body long, unlike fat it isn't stored, and unlike sugar it isn't converted.

Note: While I wouldn't encourage steroid use without the supervision of a doctor, I would like to point out that serious steroids users are a great source of info about the impact of nutrition on body composition and exercise recovery. This group is growing at super human speeds because of drug use, and they generally see the consequences of dietary choices much faster than the rest of us.
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soy and testicles: take no chances

Remember that testosterone level is a huge muscle building factor, and that a vitamin rich diet is necessary to maintain t production. Exercise increases vitamin requirements.
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Myoplex French Vanilla is yummy
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hey, ewkpates, at least one of the links on your google results argues the opposite of what you're telling us: this one

shivohum, i used to drink dynamic muscle builder back when i was at my most cut and most muscular. other people who tried it said it tasted okay; stuff that i drink now definitely gets expressions of disgust when others try them.
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I'll take it under advisement, as the gang at Testosterone Nation have

a: and axe to grind


b: competing products to sell.

I'm not convinced the jury is out on this. I had a professional body builder friend visiting (a 2nd place, Mr. Georgia over 40) who was very enthusiastic about my choice of protien supplements. He's HUGE, a health nut, and looks 15 years younger than he is.

I got pretty bulked up my self by including this in my diet. YMMV.
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Best answer: I'll second Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey. Besides being yummy and mixing easily, it has extra glutamine which is thought to help with rebuilding muscle after intense workouts (though this is debatable) and extra BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), which are very important for building muscle and must come from dietary sources (not produced in the body). I usually order from, but the site that rxrfxr listed above is a bit cheaper.

Great info on pre and post workout nutrition here: linky

Info on BCAAs here: linky
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i always go to protein factory and order their micro-ultra filtered whey protein, then throw it in a blender with some flax seed oil, a frozen banana, some peanut butter, 1% milk and chocolate powder and it tastes awesome. anyway, they are the cheapest by far for my needs.
plus you can have them add flavors or other suppliments if you so desire.

i stopped using creatine after reading a few studies how it actually hinders endurance sport performance. i could only find this one looking quickly. but as you don't say you care about that, nevermind, but be wary of kidney issues.
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I like Whey Delicious, the chocolate flavor. In fact, I'm drinking it right now, heh...It's alright in milk, though I think it tastes really good in water for some reason. It's $35/giant jug (I think that's kind of pricy, but I haven't found any I like better, so they've hooked me) and uses Stevia as a sweetener instead of an artificial sweetener, which is another reason I like it. You can only get it online or by phone, though, which I find annoying, but deal with it since I like this stuff so much.
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I detest protein powders but have had great luck with Bear Naked's High Protein granola. That plus yogurt makes a good after workout snack and breakfast. So there's another option if you're inclined.
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I, too, find whey powders are terribly difficult to get into solution (dissolve) until I snagged my dad's Magic Bullet Food Processor.

Although there are some reports of mild effect (negative) on testosterone, there are other reports that say soy intake (or isoflavones/phytoestrogens) has very little or no negative effect on testosterone levels or semen quality.

In rats (and their mothers who breastfed them) who have been exposed to soy their entire lives, soy seems to increase serum and testicular androgen levels (possibly since androgen/testosterone production is increased in response to increased estrogen levels).

Also, soy seems to be good for preventing/slowing prostate cancer.

The jury's out, but I wouldn't worry too much about soy if eaten, like everything else, in moderation.

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Also... It's more or less beyond debate, at least among those who have any muscle, that you need about 1.3 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass per day.

Really? Huh, that's a new one to me (that specific number, anyway), and I read tons of people who have muscle talking about what they do to get and maintain muscle all the time.

Anyway, with protein powder as with all things, better cheaper faster pick two. Syntrax Nectar is tolerable, I guess, it does mix pretty well and has fruit flavors which taste ok. And of course, it's a whey protein powder so it is good for getting protein and doesn't have any of the potential side-effects of soy. It's not particularly cheap though. I think the best way to do the cheap ones is to mix them in a smoothie with ice, milk, maybe some fruit or flax oil or something. For the love of god use a blender unless you like protein powder chunks.
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Occasionally, I have to switch to a liquids-only diet for a day or two. When that happens, I turn to Unjury, which is the only protein powder I can stomach. It mixes easily and it actually tastes good. I don't know what to say about its muscle-building prowess (well, or yours), but it suits my needs. You can order samples of the various flavors.
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