Going into Wed.'s tiebreak, how can I best enjoy the world chess match?
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The World Chess Championship is tied after 12 games, and goes to tiebreakers on Wednesday. I haven't played chess in years, but do understand the rules and can anticipate and avoid fool's mate. How can I get up to speed to best appreciate Wednesday's tiebreaker?

I've seen animated replays of games, but they're too fast, don't offer any control. Are there annotated, or commentated replays?

Where're good analyses geared toward a novice?

Also, how can I find out what time the match begins on Wednesday?
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For replays, check Chess.com - they'll often have clickable/interactive replays of the moves, and articles with commentary too.
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538, of all places, has had decent reporting on the games (at least, it fits my level of vague interest). that reporter is also on twitter.
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The Official site shows the match starting at 2 PM EST.

In case you've missed it, there's a MetaFilter thread about the Championship.
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Various people have posted analysis. I'd try GM Danny King's for ordinary players, I guess.
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The 538 reporter was interviewed on this week's Hang Up and Listen. My favorite detail in the interview was the revelation that the final tiebreaker is something called Armageddon chess.
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