Evensong Service for Download?
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I stream the BBC 3 Choral Evensong every week, but I'm hoping to find a version of these services that I can (legally) download for offline listening. I can only find Mp3 albums of individual services for purchase. Ideally, I would like a podcast-like feed of weekly services, or a large collection of archived programs, that I could download on my own. Is there anything like this out there?

It doesn't have to be the Evensong service in particular, but I'd like something with a similar emphasis on choral performance and readings, without much in the way of a sermon.
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There are 123 results for "evensong" audio recordings at the Internet Archive, although they are of varying quality, some are quite good.
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If you are in the UK you can legally download the files with get_iplayer, get_iplayer can be setup with a schedule to record things like a vcr. Unfortunately, I haven't found get_iplayer the most straight forward thing to use.
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If you can handle American accents in between the singing, Trinity Church Boston seems to put their services up as podcasts on iTunes.
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get_iplayer works just fine outside the UK- if you can stream it from iPlayer, get_iplayer can download it.

Even if you don't get the PVR part of it working, it's not too hard to invoke manually to download all the episodes available of a particular show. It looks like the last 5 are available to stream, so you will most likely be able to download those ones.
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Compline is the other daily service that comes with music typically, so that should get you a bunch more hits. They have similar formats. - I grew up at St marks Cathedral in Seattle, which has both, but the compline service is a bigger deal and has been broadcast weekly for decades now. Wikipedia says they have a podcast!
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