Antiperspirant in new and unusual places!
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Is it advisable to put antiperspirant on my head? If so, do you have a suggestion for a specific brand that will work under makeup and won't gunk up my pores?

I have always been a sweaty gal, but as I've gotten older, the problem has gotten worse. I've finally managed to find the right combination of products for my underarms and inner thighs, but now the problem has spread. I live in the deep south, where it is hot pretty much all the time, but truthfully I sweat regardless of temperature. Mild activity (walking down the street to the bar, for example) makes my forehead sweat profusely and turns my bangs into a wet mop of fringe over my eyes. Not cute.

So, I've been experimenting with antiperspirants on my forehead, way up into my hairline. I've had varying degrees of success, but all the brands I've tried so far have caused some combination of a) my makeup to flake off, b) white flakes all up in my hair like the world's worst dandruff, and c) minor forehead breakouts. I have not yet tried the super strength overnight roll-on stuff (Certain-Dri) on my head because it can burn like hell on other parts, but I'm getting desperate.

I'm looking for specific brands/products that would work for my sweaty head. Any suggestions?
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Sorry that this isn't a direct answer to your question, but have you considered a headband/sweatband? I just tried googling "cute sweatbands" and got a wide variety of interesting results.
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I think antiperspirant literally works by clogging your pores.
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Have you tried a makeup primer? Monistat's anti-chafing gel gets recommended a lot as a cheap, effective substitute for Smashbox's primer.
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You're looking for a makeup primer, possibly in conjunction with a setting spray. The exact combination is going to vary for you--if you can get to a Sephora, start asking for samples.
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As a sweaty gal myself, I know this feel. Maybe talk to a dermatologist about hyperhidrosis?
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I understand Botox prevents excessive sweating, and was an approved treatment for hyperhidrosis in 2004.

Don't put antiperspirant on your forehead.
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as I've gotten older,

Could this be a hormonal issue, that could be treated?
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I have had luck with Sweat Block. It is not officially cleared to use on the face, but a lot of chronic sweaters swear by it (I heard about it from another facial hyperhidrosis sufferer). I will say it stings like crazy for me when applied, but the effects last about a week. Since the face doesn't use much and these are wipes, you can cut it in half to get twice the use out of it if you wrap it back up tightly. I got mine on Amazon.
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Nth talking to your doctor. I take Ditropan for a bladder issue, but it's primarily prescribed for overactive sweat glands. I barely sweat at all now. There are options out there - definitely talk to your doctor or a dermatologist. I know Ditropan has low side effects and is cheap - one of many options depending on your specifics, I'd think.
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Agree that maybe a doctor could help if this is at the truly excessive deodorant-on-face-stage, but I will say that my relatives who live in tropical climates put baby powder EVERYWHERE and carry handkerchiefs and use them liberally.
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certain-dri goes on the night before you need it, and it works on foreheads too.
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Certain-dri is a godsend in the tropics but when my forehead was sweating so much that my sunscreen kept dripping into my eyes and stinging, I did swipe it on. Weirdly, it caused my lips to chap so I never tried it again.
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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I definitely plan on trying the Sweat Block, and I may dare to swipe some Certain-dri on my head and see what happens. I do wear sweat bands when I'm running, but I can't see myself donning one on say, a date. :)

I'm only 37, so I hadn't considered hormone issues, but I'll definitely talk to my GP at my next physical about both that and the hyperhydrosis.
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(I don't want to sound facetious, but please take care not to overheat. If you are in a hot climate, doing physical activity and chemically suppressing all your natural sweat, you could give yourself heat stroke.)
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I think this is happening BECAUSE you're effectively suppressing sweat at the standard sweaty body parts. If your body thinks it needs to sweat to cool down, that sweat is gonna come out somewhere, y'know? This is probably not what you want to hear, but could you try using non- antiperspirant deodorant elsewhere on your body?
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I too live in the deep south and fought the sweaty metabolism battle for a long time. Here's some (non-chemical) related tips that have improved my life, anywhere from a tiny bit to significantly, I'm a guy so I don't have the *exact* same issues re makeup and hair styles but maybe you'll see something you can run with. These things have actually led me to downgrade from the strongest OTC anti-antiperspirant that I can (Mitchum's Gel seemed to be the strongest in my neck of the woods) find to the salt blocks and/or something kinda healthy by Tom's.

-- Shorter hair styles. Again, may not work for you but it certainly helps.
-- Shaving in places that some guys don't normally shave in.
-- Wool underwear. I shit you not, Merino wool is like a magic material. MsEld has a piece or two as well and she says it's good as well. Avoid synthetics, they stink (literally).
-- Linen material seems to help as well, drapey is better.
-- Drink cold beverages. Consider avoiding spicy food that will cause sweat to pop out on your brow.
-- Cold water bottle for car trips or wherever you can manage it feasibly. Get the non-cheapo ones off amazon. Bonus points, they double as hot water bottles whenever that comes up, much better than an electric heating pat IMHO.
-- Witchhazel and/or baby powder liberally applied. There is a bit of a discussion to be had regarding the latter regarding talc vs cornstarch versions and some potential health (hormone? I forget) issues with talc based ones but I think it's mostly minor and maybe not worth worrying about. I do find the talc based ones work better, others disagree.

Good luck!
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Oh, and I second what ostro says. If you put antiperspirant everywhere it's just going to cause more/different problems because your body will still need to cool down...

-- I also wanted to mention that managing your stress, doubly so if it's a vicious stress cycle where you stress about sweating leading to more sweating and so forth, will help with keeping things manageable as well. I don't know what to tell you here but if you can be cognizant of it then you can at least know your enemy.
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