Christian blog post about pro-life/pro-choice having lots in common?
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I am searching for a blog post I read a few weeks ago, and regretfully didn't save a link to. It was written by a pro-life Christian woman, and the topic was essentially how the pro-life and pro-choice crowd on the left, have a lot more in common than we think.

The message I took away was that pro-life/pro-choice is a single issue, but if you identify as US liberal, then you share the same opinion on many other larger issues. It was about it being christian and liberal to support a social safety net and help families struggling with poverty, rather than punishing abortion and taking away the safety net. No huge revelation, other than I don't often hear that perspective in the media from someone who self-identifies as "christian" and "pro-life".

This blog post was circulating on facebook just before the election, a few weeks ago, maybe 2 months max. Anyone remember this and have a link?
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Is this it?
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another option
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It was the first one, thanks bunderful!
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