What Android game should I play next?
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I recently finished playing an Android puzzle game, Alcazar and I really loved it. What should I play next?

I recently completed all the non-daily puzzles in the game Alcazar. I want another game that I can play on my Android phone that has similar qualities. Heres what I liked about Alcazar (in rough order of importance):
  • The puzzles were logical, with little guessing and no knowledge external to the game required to complete each puzzle.
  • None of the puzzles were time sensitive, either in the sense of needing quick reactions or being scored on how quickly I completed a puzzle. I could easily stop working on a puzzle and come back to it later.
  • The puzzles were visual (as opposed to something like a logic grid puzzle, which is fun, but not much to look at).
Some other Android games I've been playing and enjoying have been:
  • Reigns, which is best described as Tinder meets Crusader Kings, though this one didn't have much depth to it
  • Hoplite, a turn-based roguelikelike strategy game
  • Desert Golfing, an infinite, procedurally generated side-scrolling putting game
What other games might I like?
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I ALSO love non-time-sensitive puzzle games. Some of my perennial favorites:

- Alchemy (element-combining game)
- Where's My Water 1 and 2 (physics puzzle game, designed for kids, outrageously fun)
- Quell and all sequels (soothing water-droplet-moving puzzle game).
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You might like Brain It On! which involves drawing simple objects on the screen to solve physics-based puzzles.
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I've been enjoying Atomas. It strikes a good balance for me between so engrossing I miss my bus stop and so brainless I get bored after 2 minutes.
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Flow Free (all three sets).
Infinity Loop.
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trainyard is pretty great, and well worth the $2.99
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Pixel Dungeon is a very nice and streamlined modern roguelike, heavily influenced by Brogue (and hence Rogue).
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To Arms!! is a solitaire deck-building game. It's turn-based, so there's no time pressure. It starts simple, but adds a little more complexity at each level. It's a one-person hobby project, so it's not as polished as a commercial game, but I enjoy the gameplay a lot, and it does get updated with new levels occasionally. It's also completely free, with no ads or in-app purchases.
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I love Kami, not just for the puzzles, which are tricky!, but the colours are very nice and the thing where you change a colour and it flows across it just so satisfying. Makes good sounds, too, but usually I have it silent so as not to annoy people.
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Seconding Trainyard and Flowfree, but I am currently utterly addicted to Two Dots.
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Euclidia is great
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Jelly no Puzzle fits all your criteria.
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A few others:
Puzzle Retreat
Shikaku Ultimate
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SaltySalticid: "Pixel Dungeon is a very nice and streamlined modern roguelike, heavily influenced by Brogue (and hence Rogue)."

I hated the food limitation of PD however the Sprouted variant mutes that allowing one to not run through the dungeon.
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sgtpuzzles is mostly a collection of japanese pencil puzzles as well as a few classic PC puzzle games.

Downside: there is no end, and the levels are randomly generated. Alcazar is most closely related to loopy and pearl, but as I'm sure you'll discover, is it's own thing.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone! I haven't tried all of these yet, but Puzzle Retreat and Shikaku Ultimate have already captured my attention.

Also, I really wanted to like Euclidia but it got way too difficult, way too fast. Might be a great game for someone more geometrically inclined than I am.
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