National volunteer resource by priority?
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I'm looking for a national volunteer resource similar to which allows you to search by "high need area".

Though I find all issues people fight for to be relevant, I want to know where my contributions will be best used. For instance, it's necessary to keep our beaches clean but, at least where I live, there are way more people working on cleaning up beaches than working on climate change.

Also, having spent a few years helping non-profits, I've found that organizations are often (usually unintentionally) competing with each another for volunteers. I see this happen even amongst groups that are fighting for the same thing and are in complete alignment with on another (e.g. a group advocating for a state carbon tax and a group advocate for a state clean transportation goal).

Basically, this is the thought going through my head: if the world is a car and the engine is broken and we have five minutes to get to work on time, what is the engine and how many people do we need to get it fixed minimum? After that, what's the next priority and how many people do we need minimum?
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