Vented range hoods: 2016 edition
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A previous question exists, but it's from 2007. Looking for updated recommendations for an undercabinet-mounted, 30-inch vented range hood.

I don't really care about aesthetics but would like something kind of low profile (right now I have a microwave/hood combo but it's way too low to the stovetop) and preferably quiet. I don't need anything fancy as long as it works and doesn't sound like a rocket taking off. Could maybe go up to like $200ish? Really looking for very specific recommendations as I've never shopped for one of these before and would like to take advantage of holiday sales if possible. Other appliances in my kitchen are stainless steel, so that would be good. I don't really understand how to read the specs to determine the noise levels. Thanks in advance for your help!
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In our experience, quiet means more than $200. Broan makes a great 30" stainless steel range hood (#E66130SS) that moves a ton of air, has easy-to-clean filters, and is quiet--it's about $600.
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Yeah, Vent-a-Hood is still good but definitely not less than $200. If you throw in specialized install then you are definitely looking at more than $200.
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Thanks to the two of you! If anyone else happens to read this, maybe I asked the wrong question and need to be asking how to figure out what I do need. I'm not opposed to spending more, potentially, as long as it would really be worthwhile to me. If anyone has more general advice or other recommendations, please feel free to say so and ignore the budget I outlined above! Just feeling strangely out of my depth in trying to research this purchase. Thanks!
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I just bought a hood and had similar desiderata. I got this one.
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I have found that the standard hoods sold at Lowe's are good and quiet for the price. This is the one, also comes in 30".

Some important points:

1. CFM is the amount of air the unit moves. to quote a website "The basic rule of thumb when determining the fan size of a range hood is that it should move a minimum of 100 CFM of air for every 12” of stove width. So if you have a 30” wide stove, you would need a range hood with a fan that moves at least 250 CFM of air:

2. Sones indicate the noise level of the fan but it seems relative to me. A fan too loud to talk over will not get used, so, sound level is very important. My best piece of advice is go to the store and turn the thing on. It will give you a better idea of how loud it is. IKEA did not pass this test for me. Home Depot's displays weren't actually hooked up to anything, so, you have no idea. Lowe's units were powered which was AWESOME.

3. How you install the thing makes a huge difference in the performance and noise. Obviously, venting outside is vastly superior to a recirculating unit. Many units can be vented to the outside either through the back to the outside via a large rectangular hole or out the top in a square vent. Taking a direct route through the back makes for a quieter, more powerful hood. If you go out the top, remember the longer the air has to travel, the noisier and lousier at it's job it will be.

4. Some models have the fan mechanism at the other end of the flue. This sucks air instead of blowing. This makes the fan very quiet in the kitchen and, in my experience, you pocketbook nice and light since you just blew the wad on your nice new fan.
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