Readable historical non-fiction?
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My mom is obsessed with the Outlander series and really interested in that period of Scottish history (Bonnie Prince Charlie, Jacobite uprising, Culloden, etc.). I want to get her a solid, readable non-fiction book on that time period but I'm not too familiar with the material. Any recommendations?
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I'm a bit out of date with my Jacobite reading, but by the looks of it anything by Jacqueline Riding, Christopher Duffy or Murray Pittock's new book on Culloden might be good. Jacqueline Riding's book here.
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She might enjoy The Last Highlander, a biography of Simon, Lord Lovat by Sarah Fraser. (US available, I see, assuming she lives in the US.)

The Chevalier de Johnstone wrote a three volume memoir, volume two of which is what you're looking for.
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She might like Susanna Kearsley's Winter Sea, which is set in the same time period and also has a "time slip" element. It's pretty fluffy, but very readable and seems well researched.
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