Children of Men reminded me of another movie. Which one?
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I am currently watching a lot of old sci-fi movies and went through some (best 70ies sci-fi movies, best 80 sci-fi movies) etc. Children of Men reminded me of another movie I saw many years ago. The story is similar. All women are infertile, except one that has somehow to be rescued.

The movie must have been made in the 80ies, unlikely in the 70ies. The rescue involves a car and long car rides. My memories are very vague. She is rescued or brought to her destination but one guy with an ape like appearance rapes her during the car ride. Sounds totally trashy but I wonder why this movie never showed up anywhere again.
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Was it 2019: After the Fall of New York? Trailer. Review.

Its got the ape guys and the last fertile woman, its been a while since I saw it. My only memory is it is crap.
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Is probably crap but I was just curious. The blog looks interesting by the way.
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