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I'd like to diversify my podcast consumption. Which ones aren't by white people? In the queue already: Note to Self, Soo Many White Guys (over), Sampler (Over) Hidden Brain, Politically Reactive (just ended), Two Dope Queens, Our National Conversation about Conversations about Race, Code Switch, PostBourgie

I'd like to hear more content from non-white people. I like stuff about society and culture, particularly if it leans academic. Stories about life, social science, the world. As above, thoughtful comedy ok too. What else should I listen to?

Bonus points if it's not explicitly about race or ethnicity (Note to Self, Hidden Brain, NPR's Politics podcast, for example) but more of those are good too. Branching out beyond NPR -related content would be good.

For whatever reason, I don't like Snap Judgement, though I generally like storytelling.
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The Read
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Racist Sandwich
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Still Processing
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Call Your Girlfriend, Sex Lives, Missing and Murdered: Who Killed Alberta Williams.
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See something, say something
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Buzzfeed's Another Round with Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu is funny, smart, and thoughtful, and it features interview segments with Ta-Nehisi Coates, Audie Cornish, Melissa Harris-Perry, and more. Here's a nice write up from The Guardian.
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Politically Reactive or any of W Kamau Bell's other projects (PR actually just wrapped up but the back catalogue is worth a listen).
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Oh! Also Mash Up Americans!
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No bonus points for me, but Colour Code is a podcast about race in Canada hosted by two women of colour that just wrapped what is hopefully its first season of ten episodes. Hopefully the "in Canada" part doesn't scare you off, I think it's pretty accessible.
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Another Round is really great!
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Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, hosted by Al Letson, is fantastic.
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Aisha Tyler (of Archer and Whose Line Is It Anyway) does Girl On Guy (link to episode archive).

Normally an interview with a single celebrity at a time. Recently: Chelsea Handler, Viola Davis, Taye Diggs, Robert Patrick.
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The Guardian's Token. "All three branches of the Guardian have come together to discuss race, culture, sex, gender and identity. Starting in Australia and now currently in the UK, our teams talk frankly about what it’s like being a minority or indeed the token in society, the change they’d like to see and answer those questions which most people feel aren’t PC enough to ask. " link
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Tax Season by Taxstone(might not be for everyone) has an interesting perspective on race, hip-hop, politics, and the criminal justice system his post election podcast was especially interesting/unique take compared to other post election podcasts. His podcasts sometimes has famous hip-hop artists on it talking about their music. He has a more vocal variety when speaking than your typical podcaster.

Historically Black is also a good informative and engaging podcast about black history. The podcast episode titled NASA Human Computers is especailly good provides historical context for the hidden figures movie coming out in December.

Otherhood is a good podcast about children of immigrants.

Even though has the podcast is defunct State of the Reunion is an awesome podcast by the host of the reveal podcast.
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+1 for State of the Re:Union. All five seasons of Al Letson's travels around America are still online.
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Two from Buzzfeed: See Something, Say Something and Another Round.

There's a Monday-Friday radio call-in show available as podcast, Native America Calling. This next one is still on my "try soon" list: Native Opinion Podcast.

(I'd also recommend Radio Ambulante, if you speak Spanish. If you don't, wait a bit and read the English translation of the transcript. Note: You specified not by white people, so it depends on whether you consider Latin Americans and Latino immigrants to be non-white by definition. You also specified a preference for non-NPR: Radio Ambulante *just* got picked up by NPR. If you're strict about your no-NPR definition, the website has years of previous episodes to listen to.)
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We Live Here is NPR, but it's out of St. Louis so hopefully it's less NPR-hegemonic.
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Definitely agree with Call Your Girlfriend, Sex Lives, Another Round. I'll throw in Millennial. I have only heard one ep of See Something Say Something, but it was engaging.

Also, totally agree with Snap Judgement--I can't *stand* that show. I think it's the sound design (same reason I don't like Radiolab).
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Pop Culture Happy Hour usually has a diverse panel, but defintely not exclusively POC.

2nding The Read - LOVE it. Some of the buds of the hosts of The Read launched The Friend Zone, which I haven't tried yet.

I see you mentioned Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell & Hari Kondabolu. I know that W. Kamau Bell has other podcasts, too, but I haven't listened to them so I can't vouch!

NYPL podcast often has a really interesting, diverse range of guests discussing a variety of topics. The hosts are typically white (although that changes, too). I enjoy it most when I pick and choose the episodes that are most interesting to me.
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Slate's Lexicon Valley
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Response by poster: This is a fantastic list with lots of podcasts that were totally off my radar.

Also, I feel like a fool about Lexicon Valley, I still imagine McWhorter is filling in and forgot he was the host now.
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Bruce Lee Podcast
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Thought of another one - Black Girl Dangerous
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Fairly specific, but the host of the CodeNewbie podcast, Saron Yitbarek is a POC, and a lot of her guests are from groups that are underrepresented in tech. It's also just a cool, interesting podcast if you're interested in learning to code.
Pop Culture Happy Hour usually has a diverse panel, but defintely not exclusively POC.
The regulars on Pop Culture Happy Hour are all white, I believe, although they frequently have people of color in the rotating guest chair. Pop Rocket is a show with a similar format, and two of the four regular panelists are people of color.
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Race Invaders
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Minority Korner from Maximumfun.org is relatively new.
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The Black Guy Who Tips
If you listen for a while, you'll find others based on the guests they have.
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Seconding Race Invaders
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I adore Snap Judgement.
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Ooh. Sorry! Thought the end of your post was the beginning of a comment.

The Moth has many stories by POC.

For further exploration you might consider content from outside the US, especially countries with a relatively less powerful position.
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