Nice places in Palm Springs
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Whst are nice places in Palm Springs for a small (6 people) ceremony?

Public parks, not too difficult hikes, whatever. Needing a beautiful and/or cool spot. If we could just arrive whenever, walk up to it, and do our thing for 10 minutes without registering or reserving, all the better.
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How long a hike and how long a drive? The 49 Palms Oasis Trail is an hour drive and a 1.5 mile hike each way, but you end up in a nice shady oasis. Really, anywhere in Joshua Tree is going to be beautiful. (Officially, you're supposed to get a permit for a ceremony inside the park)

If you want to do it closer to town there are plenty of hikes. The Art Museum trail has a nice view of the town, steep climb though. Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve is nearby but it doesn't have much of a wow factor.
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Can confirm Thousand Palms Oasis is quite nice and possibly perfect for this! The trail to the pond water feature seems to be about right :))
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Wait a hot second!!!!

Take the Tram up to the top of Mt San Jacinta and do this after a super short hike down into the top of the mountain. You could try for one of the overlooks to the valley floor but there will be A LOT of people around. There's a big open field to the left of the bottom of the paved way down to the alpine area at the top of the mountain. Walk to it. There will be snow there after today if there isn't already!! ENJOY & CONGRATS!!!!

The burgers up there are fantastic. The lodge also has a bar :))
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It hasn't already been mentioned, but Indian Canyons could be absolutely perfect for this. A short walk into Palm Canyon and you'll find quiet secluded places, or choose the other trail, and go to Murray Canyon.

If you're fine with cold, the tram would be a great idea!
Other options: the viewpoints (many) on Palms to Pines (hwy 74); head up to Idyllwild which is about an hour's drive. MeMail me for Idyllwild options if you're into that.
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If you need something quirkier, there's alway robolights.
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