"Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-UhUh" and "wooWOO" - Mammal, Bird or Amphibian?
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In early summer 2015, while hiking in western Washington in the North Cascade Mountains, I recorded the calls of a couple of animals. Can anyone identify the animals?:
  1. "Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-UhUh"
  2. "wooWOO"

Both were recorded on an iPhone 6. The background noise is running water and the wind through the trees (which thanks to MetaFilter I now know is called psithurism). I uploaded mp3s and a picture from each hike to make the YouTube videos.

1) On the Yellow Aster Butte Trail near Mt. Baker, late afternoon. In musical description, I would say the call is a 5 a five beat measure of the same note, like this:♩♩♩♩♫. In the 35 second long recording, the call is repeated 3 times, about 16 seconds apart. If you listen carefully, at 11 seconds and 25 seconds, the same call is done by a more distant animal (in response?).

2) On the Heather Lake Trail, near Verlot, WA, at dusk (recorded not at the lake, but a few miles away near the trailhead). The call was very faint in the recording so I used Audacity to amplify and reduce noise. This is a clip of the recorded call, repeated 4 times. I heard the call every few minutes.
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Best answer: The first one is a sooty grouse. (It used to be called blue grouse, but now they've divided what used to be one species into sooty grouse and dusky grouse.) Here is a video that shows a male making the sound.
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I've had really good luck using the Merlin Bird app which is free to download.
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Try Merlin even if you can't see the bird. I figure out we had an Eastern Screech Owl in the neighborhood even though I could only hear it.
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The other bird in #1 is a hermit thrush.
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2 sounds like some kind of owl. Maybe Great Horned? Spotted Owl?
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I think Drosera has it on #2, a Great Horned Owl is a likely guess, but definitely some kind of owl. There are a lot of Owl species in the North Cascades.

Awesome recordings, thanks for posting this question. You made me yearn for one of my favorite places on earth, Yellow Aster Butte is a gorgeous trail and Baker/Snoqualmie is a hiker's paradise of diversity and beauty.Never been on Heather Lake Trail but I'm adding it to this summer's list of possibles already.
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I keep coming back to #2 and asking myself what it is. I'm thinking maybe barred owl. Listen to the "Alarm call" clip on this page and the "Single exclamation" clip on this page, for example.
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