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Around 1964/65 I heard a song in the folk music clubs of Boston. I think the title would be "Young Lost And Witty". Though I never heard a recording of it I've been performing it ever since. I want to find out who wrote and performed it and whether there are more lyrics than I remember currently.

Young lost and witty and deep in self pity - pretending for reasons to hope
But life in a trunk on a blue Chinese junk - well each day is but a day set afloat

Sails off on his junk inside his trunk - outfitted to last but awhile
Trusting to fate that his mind will come late with a season or a reason to smile

Gee it's a pity and it's not very pretty - the sound of the frown from the sign
But love was the meddler, the unconscious peddler
And me I sail along for the ride
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Honestly, this is the first thing I've ever found that has virtually nothing on Google. I'm a little amazed.
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Hi I joined to respond to this, I think Chris Smither wrote this song but he never recorded it. I ran sound for him a few times here in Pennsylvania and I made recordings of the gigs, he sang it I don't have those cassette tapes anymore. I was looking for the lyrics on google today, I remember slightly different lyrics. I wil share them if you want.
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Please do share them, it might help some future searcher.
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