Sunday night dinner in Manchester, UK
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Where should I eat on Sunday night in Manchester city centre?

I'm in Manchester on Sunday for the football and want to find somewhere I can eat by myself on Sunday evening that isn't a Wetherspoons or a chain. I'm staying close to Piccadilly Station and so I'm looking for something within walking distance of the station.

I'm in my mid-50s, and am seriously uncool. I'll also be dressed very casually. Although I eat meat, I'm trying to stay off it for the time being, but I'm not averse to a meaty menu. At the moment the place that's looking good to me is I Am Pho on George Street, but I'm open to recommendations. I'll probably be wanting to eat at around 8pm, and I know in the city centre not everywhere is open on Sunday evenings.

Money isn't an issue, but I might not be dressed for anywhere fancy. I need somewhere I can both eat safely by myself, and which is an area that's safe to walk back to my hotel, which is just on the edge of the Northern Quarter.
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Ning (Malaysian) is my personal favourite - in the NQ and definitely open on Sundays-they wouldn't blink at you eating alone. I don't know I am Pho, unfortunately, but Chinatown has some great Chinese and Thai restaurants and is easy walking distance. The NQ itself has loads of decent little restaurants.

The Christmas markets are on, so there are also loads of little food stalls if that appeals. The markets also tend to mean that the streets are still pretty populated in the evenings. As a solo woman, I'd be happy walking around the city centre at that time, but obviously everyone's mileage varies on that.
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Mowgli is fantastic casual 'indian tapas' with great veggie options, and open till 9:3 0 on Sundays. It's in the Corn Exchange which is bright and safe, and has several other options, although most others are chains.
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The centre of Manchester is peculiarly poorly served for vegetarian restaurants; the only full-on one that I know of is 1847, and I don't really like its vibe at all - not at all casual. (Though the food was good, to be fair.)

Allotment on Dale St shouldn't be too far from you, and is quite relaxed and pleasant to be in as I recall, though it's a bar with food rather than a dedicated restaurant.

I also heartily second the Chinatown recommendation. Hopefully there won't be any wider problems after last night's major fire there.
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Mowgli hit the spot. Fabulous. But thanks to everyone for your recommendations, which were greatly appreciated.
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