Overhead Ruby Knife Hone
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I saw this knife hone once many years ago on a Youtube about a sandwich chef. I have been unable to find it online, or to describe it to my brother-in-law who is into such things. It was ruby, I presume from the color, and mounted above the work surface.

It was a half circle 8" in radius, about a foot or more long, and mounted three inches above the chef's head. The chef was right handed, so his knife was on the right side of the counter; he would pick it up, casually reach up and swipe it both ways on the hone as he walked to the left toward the ingredients, and was ready to work.
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I'd invest some time in finding the youtube video again - and go from there. Get a few screen grabs of the knife hone in question, contact the channel to ask for the chef's contact information, etc.
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Ruby is aluminum oxide doped with chromium and is used as an industrial abrasive. The fabricated products are actually pink rather than ruby red.

MSC has ruby sharpening stones, but they are expensive and I can't be sure from the information in the catalog if the grit is suitable for a knife hone.
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arnikcae: that is the process I am beginning again, just because my b-in-law, who's into kitchen knives, insisted he'd never seen or heard of such a thing, but when I saw it it seemed
so obvious for the situation. But, you know, there are one HELL of a lot of youtubes out there, and I can't remember how many years ago this was. Thanks for your prompt reply.
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Bruce H. I have several "ruby" sharpening stones and slips, and never assumed I was getting actual ruby for my ten or twenty bucks. But whatever it was, it was the color of a ruby slip you would get from MSC, but was of a size of a piece of typing paper scrolled up above the counter. I doubt there's a way you could swipe it with a knife and damage the knife. Might not sharpen it on that swipe, but it would be very hard to harm the edge. And the move was so casual. Really impressive, like a blacksmith dropping his hammer on the anvil before striking.
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