Fantastic dances with the stars?
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I'm hoping to make a YouTube playlist featuring all of the best dances from Dancing with the Stars. I have not watched it in awhile. Which performances do you recommend?

The longer story is that I'm looking for something to entertain me during bottle feeding with my baby. Dancing with the Stars seems to strike the perfect mix of being reasonably diverting while not requiring my full attention, being rewatchable so I don't have to go constantly looking for new stuff, and being readily available with plentiful choices.

In fact there are so many choices I don't know where to begin. So far, I have:

Drew Lachey, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
Marlee Matlin, She's Always a Woman

What else?
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Two from Alfonso Ribero:

The Carlton. Enough said.

The freestyle at the final episode. It's got a shout-out to FRESH PRINCE and it also hearkens back to his "tap dance kid" years, but is also fantastic.
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The one that stands out the most to me is Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke doing the Argentine tango. This was several seasons ago, but my God! That was an amazing season. Gilles is most known for playing a hunky piece of man meat in a Sex in the City movie, and no one really expected him to burn up the dance floor like he did.

I also love Lalia Ali dancing the jive.
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Everything with Zendaya and Rumer Willis (except the Halloween performances; those are horrible across the board).
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2nding the Marini/Burke Tango -- it was my immediate thought at your question. I still get it up on youtube occasionally. It was fantastic (and I think he should have won). I also think Nicole Scherzing (sp) was excellent.
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For a change of pace, how about the finals from season 1 when Kelly Monaco's partner dropped her on her head?
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Maks and Meryl - nothing ever equaled this. Nothing.
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I just loved Calvin and Lindsay's freestyle from the season that just ended. So much fun.

The Macy's Stars of Dance routine a few seasons back that Derek choreographed as a salute to Old Hollywood, featuring a ton of the DWTS pros. The music was "Classic" by MKTO.
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Ohhhh so many favorites!

nthing Giles & Cheryl's Argentine tango
Helio Castroneves' Quick Step
Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough Quick Step
Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas freestyle
MelB and Max Paso
Laurie & Val Michael Jackson dance (I think it was a Jazz number)
Derek & Bindi Irwin contemporary (and lots of other stuff she did!)
Derek & Amber Riley freestyle (and also a bunch of other stuff she did :) )

I'm a total junkie for this show. :D Perhaps I need to toddle off and make a youtube playlist of my favorite dances....
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