Help me fix my wing mirror
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2010 Hyundai i10. The mirror itself has become partially detached: it adjusts normally left-right but not up-down. There's no play in it, and it can't be moved manually. There's no external evidence of anything being broken. This feels like it should be a relatively little job, but I have no idea where to start. I'm completely open to hearing that it's not if that's the case, though.
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Can you take a picture or make a video and share that?
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Buy a new mirror assembly for $75-100. Other than replacing the mirror glass itself, there's little economically rational reason to try to fix a broken adjustment mechanism inside a mirror housing. Any shop will tell you it's cheaper to simply replace the entire housing once you start considering labor costs, and it's usually impossible to get parts for the mechanism inside the housing if something is hosed in there. You can get replacement mirror assemblies pre-painted to match your car on EBay and they are generally fine. It's a do it yourself job in most cases, albeit it does usually involve removing a trim panel so it does take tools, time, and a good diagram or shop manual.
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Here's your UK EBay search.
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