Is there an effective unscented hard water remover?
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We've had ongoing problems with hard water leaving a haze on our glassware, despite using rinse aid. I recently discovered products like Glisten and Lemishine. However, every product of this type that I've found has been lemon scented. Does an unscented version of this exist?

I hate scented detergents and similar products, both for my dishes and my laundry. However, I've found that Glisten really does work wonders on clearing up our glasses, and I feel that I need to keep using something along these lines. Can you recommend something that does the same job (including running it through the dishwasher -- I have a TON of glasses and don't want anything that requires me to do it by hand), but isn't scented?
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Vinegar works well. I often run a sink of hot as hot water and dump in vinegar (about a litre) and let cloudy stuff sit until water cool. Quick rinse and leave to dry. Easy.
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I just sniffed the Cascade rinse aid I have. I wouldn't call it unscented -- it smells like most dishwasher detergents -- but it doesn't have a particular or particularly strong smell. It's definitely not lemon-scented.
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I actually put vinegar in the rinse aid compartment in my dishwasher. It works great! I definitely notice when we need to refill it in terms of water spots. I HATE the smell of vinegar but you only smell it when filling up the compartment and not at all otherwise.
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Yeah, the answer is big cheap jugs of white vinegar. Commercial rinse aid is maybe a little higher-powered but it's basically acid (vinegar or citric acid) + surfactants. (And yeah, the Cascade stuff has very little smell; I'm very smell-averse.)

If you're getting hard water spots on your dishware, btw, you're going to want to check the gunk trap in your dishwasher now and then for mineral buildup, and clean that off (vinegar soak is easiest). LEARNED THAT THE HARD WAY.
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Put one of these on the hot water heater:
Solves the hard water problem in the whole house.
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