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Mr. MMM, ERE, Afford Anything, Millennial Revolution, FrugalWoods - the common denominator seems to be couples. Are there any examples out there in the blogosphere for the single woman?

Like it says on the tin. I've read the blogs I've referenced above and many of the other financial bloggers I follow always seem to be coupled (whether legally married or not, there is risk sharing involved).. Are there any blogs out there written from the financially independent (read: early retired-ish) single women perspective?
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Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence
Gwen @ Fiery Millennials
Julie @ Millennial Boss
Cait @ Blonde On A Budget (kind of woo but on the FIRE track)

Also the Journals (monthly updates) on the ERE forums: DutchGirl (Dutch nurse/student), Zarathustra (living in a van in California), Riparian (in the Alaskan woods), and more.

Not a blog, but don't forget Amy Dacyczyn and her famous Tightwad Gazette.
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Thanks Harvey Kilobit! Just wanted to point out that by single I mean single! Amy is married...

Keep them coming!!!
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Update for anyone favoriting and following this.. Millenial Boss is not a single woman. I am specifically looking for single woman focused blogs where she achieves financial independence/retirement by herself while being single throughout the entire process.
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I'm also a single woman. My main question about financial independence / early retirement is, "What will my annual spending be?"

Assuming USA (sorry if not). I found some statistics on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Specifically I found the income/expenditures by occupation interesting because "Retired" is a listed occupation. It lists ~$38k for both income & expenditures of a retired household. That number is for a household consisting of 1.7 people, so for one person probably somewhat less.

There are other data groupings (geography, region, ...)

Obviously creating my own budget is paramount, but it's helpful is to have a pre-existing structure (so I don't miss any major categories) and to be able to compare mine to "average" budgets of various types as a sanity check.
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Oh and just found this table: Average annual income/expenditures of single females by age 2014-2015
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Blowing up your thread. :-)

Interesting to compare single males with single females. For income, men are significantly higher (typically by ~$5k, but over $10k for ages 35-54). For expenditures we are pretty pretty similar with the exception of ages 35-44 when the men spend ~$2k more each year.
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Here's a long thread on /r/financialindependence on the subject of women achieving F.I.
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/r/FIREyFemmes: A new subreddit for women (femme or not!) seeking Financial Independence.

A feminist take on financial success, entitled "Why it is Harder for Women to Be Financially Independent," by Bethany McCamish.
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