Outsourcing my Internet willpower
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What with the Trumpocalypse and all, I need to get a better grip on my news and social media usage for the sake of my sanity. I'm looking for an Apple-friendly anti-procrastination website/app blocker that gives you a metered amount of time per day rather than a set period. Bonus question: What is the category name for this type of app?

I'm currently using Freedom, which works (-ish), but can only block usage for a set period of time (ex. 60 minutes starting now, or 9a to 10a every day). What I'm looking for is one that can limit my use of life-sucking sites to say 60 minutes a day.

Works the same across OSX desktop and iOS devices (iPad and iPhone)
Works for websites and apps
(Nice to have) Works on Chrome and Firefox
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Category name: Productivity apps?
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I use StayFocusd in Chrome on my Mac. It meets your "X min/day" requirement, but not your cross-platform requirement. So probably not a solution, but maybe a step to finding the right thing?
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