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I am looking for recommendations of programs/movies available on Netflix and Amazon Prime in the U.S. that are in French with English subtitles. It can be for any age audience. Thanks!
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I think Les Revenants is available on Netflix. Atmospheric French zombie film with a Mogwai soundtrack.
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Amelie is on Netflix currently - super cute romantic comedy with some interesting stylistic choices. Populaire was there too until just recently, perhaps its available streaming elsewhere -- a bit of a Pygmalion-esque story about a secretary who trains to win a typing competition.
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Blind Date! <3
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'Tell No One' "marks that rare thrill ride that also manages to incorporate a healthy level of emotionally rich drama." No guarantees expressed or implied.
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The hilariously dark (French) Belgian film Man Bites Dog is on Netflix DVD and Amazon video (not Prime, alas).
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Best answer: Netflix: If you go to Netflix via your internet browser, run a search for "French Language Movies." Here in the US, about 40 of them currently pop up. Click on the down arrow for each, and then details, and then the right arrow for language info. Every one I've clicked on so far has had English subtitles.
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(Oh, and I'd go with War of the Buttons)
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Farewell my Queen is streaming on Amazon Prime. I thought it was great, even though historical dramas are not my usual thing.
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Les Revenent is so good!

Never seen it myself but I've heard good things about the gritty cop show Spiral.
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Best answer: Instantwatcher is your friend!
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A Very Secret Service (Au Service de la France) is a satire about 1960s-era French spies, especially focused on Algeria.

Marguerite is on there as well, the French version of Florence Foster Jenkins.

L'Auberge Espagnole is a classic; its sequel Chinese Puzzle is skippable though.

The first two parts of the Marseille Trilogy (Fanny, Marius) are available in made-for-TV-like adaptations. I don't think they ever remade Cesar (the original is from the 1930s, I think)

Le Chef is an amusing Ratatouille-like romp.

Les Visiteurs was on Netflix for a really long time, but I just looked and seems like they took it off. It was hilarious. I don't know if it's on Amazon Prime, but it's worth searching for.
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Spiral (Engrenages) is amazing.
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Best answer: Amazon Prime French Films
Two of the most successful recent French films at the French box office, have been Intouchables and Bienvenue chez le Ch'Tis - I'd recommend both of those if you haven't seen them.

And don't forget Belgian films in French. I liked Le Tout Nouveau Testement for example.
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2nding Amelie and L'Auberge Espagnole.

2 Days, One Night (starring Marion Cotillard) is an interesting movie and available streaming on Netflix.
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I said that Les Revenants was a film, but it's a TV series. I think 2 seasons?
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Response by poster: Merci! I knew you beautiful people wouldn't let me down!
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