household intercom options?
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So we've moved to a two story house, and are finding that before, where we could hear each other throughout the house, that is now not the case. Are there any good intercom systems or apps out there that do not require being hardwired in?

Our new house is two stories, and much larger than our old one. We can no longer just call out to each other, plus, I may be hanging out with the bunny, and he frowns upon yelling. :P

Are there any apps we can use (Alexa intercom combo?) or non-hardwired intercom recommendations? I searched on Amazon and found some, but thought I would check with the hivemind before I bought one.

So far, we're just using our phones to call each other, which is certainly doable, but I feel as if there should be a better way!
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We just text each other. No cost, works in the basement and backyard, too.
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We have a set of Panasonic cordless phones that run off a single base. The set came with a range extender so it gets good coverage on both floors. They double as an intercom system. Cheap and easy solution if you have a landline.
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We are also using a set of Panasonic cordless phones. They were actually used with the landline, but we cut that a year ago. They work without a landline. I plan to upgrade them to models that will work with our cell phones (via Bluetooth) but haven't gotten around to it. In the meantime, they have proven useful in intercom mode.
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Yeah, we totally just text each other.
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There are also Push to Talk apps, like LineApp, that turn your phones into walkie talkies.
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We have a large house with two small kids. Although they weren't intended for that purpose, we have found that baby monitors in appropriate locations solve this problem. Just set a couple up on opposite sides of the house, and you'll be able to hear each other through the monitors.
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