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As a stopgap to a full fledget RFID/NFC time reporting system, I'm probably setting up a couple of touch-screens to allow our members to enter their time in the shop. What's the simplest way for me to accomplish this? (Slideshow inside!)

We run a workspace for artists and have ≈500 members and 15 different shops. Today we're entering our worked hours and consumables on paper, but we're looking to simplify the process. We hope to invest in a proper RFID/NFC access system with those feature as an add-on, but that will take time so I'll prolly get a couple of tablets and throw a simple system together.

There's an interface dummy which you can poke here to see the required functionality.

  • I need a central repository for tracking user data across all tablets, what do you recommend?.
  • What is the fastest way to dev this, efficiency be damned since this will be the only thing running?
Pony: I'd like to run the repo on our LAN instead of the cloud.

If there already an app like this I'd love to hear about it. Suggestions, oh wise mefites?
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Is "elegance" important? Because the cheapest & easiest way to do this is to just set up a google form with multiple choice responses (you can add images to each response if that helps) and do it as a survey. It is not going to be super pretty, and it is going to store the data in the cloud, but you can put it together in a couple hours and get the data from all sources in a nice spreadsheet with minimum work.
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Brainmouse: We have folks here who loathe computers, so I want to make it as picturebook pretty and unambiguous as possible…

But we do have a ninja-forms subscription for the main page, and that's easy enough to style so I'll look into that, thanks for the suggestion!

(Drawback to using the cloud is also that we have a rather poor internet connection, and any latency will get people ticked off)
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