Is there such a thing as a washable, dog nail proof Duvet cover?
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We have a down comforter that we'd like to use, but we need a cover for it that will endure dog toenails. Our lab invades us while we are sleeping and has ridiculously long nails. He is high maintenance when it comes to nail clipping, and we are poor, so clipping is not as frequent as it should be.

Additional challenge: he sheds, so fleece, corduroy, flannel are no-go's.

We use a flannel top sheet between us and the top heavier layer if that matters. We'd like a comforter cover that his nails won't destroy in seconds. Ideally something washable. Is there something canvas like? Rip stop? Kevlar?!

The comforter is queen size. Are we looking for a comforter cover or a duvet cover? Halp.
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Canvas duvet covers might work - here are a few at bed, bath, and beyond for example.

Are you open to putting a heavier-duty blanket (I'm thinking something designed for camping) above the duvet? There may also be fluffy camping blankets - I'm not so familiar with that world but I expect most outdoorsy things would be set up to be more durable than typical home goods.
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Also, I know you didn't ask about this, but in addition to the regular recommendations for dogs who have trouble with trimming (desensitization, dremel), might something like soft claw caps help?
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Denim duvet cover?
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Also - sorry for the number of comments, eek - PBTeen made a ripstop duvet cover at one point, and while it's sold out from them, many are available on ebay.
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We bought a good quality linen one from Baltic House of Linen on etsy that washes extremely well and has thus far stood up well to our lab's long nails.
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My ancient beagle is so terrified of getting his nails clipped that it seems cruel to do more than once or twice a year, but he's never done any damage to the cotton duvet cover that we've used for years. The duvet cover gets washed frequently as well.
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OMG thank you guys all so much! I didn't think to look for denim, but that is a great idea. Will check out the BBB options also.

I'm not sure if the soft claw caps would work on our maniac. He also chews his nails... freaking high maintenance dog, he is.
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I had a denim duvet cover with a beagle. I should warn you that though it seems like shedding shouldn't be an issue with that (jeans never get covered in dog hair, right?) somehow it was. The cover was always covered in dog hair, it was hard to get out, and obviously this depends on the dog's colour, but in my case, the hair really showed.
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I have a thick cotton velveteen duvet cover, and it's impervious to all attempts by my German Shepherd to poke holes in it. The pile is low enough that hair doesn't stick at all, too.
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