Have you seen these sneakers?
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I saw a woman wearing these sneakers in the subway, and I was too shy to ask about them. Has anyone seen these before? They seem to be covered in fabric, with a wide black elastic band that goes over the top.... I wish I'd just spoken up, but since that never happened wonder if there's still a way to find them.
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I'm not sure but they look kind of like Adidas Y3's to me.
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Seconding blackcatcuriouser, they look like Adidas Y3s. It's a little hard to see the grains, but the white strip of material at the midsole looks like Boost foam, which is only used by Adidas. The black elastic band is a Y3 thing. I'm not finding a specific shoe that looks like these though, could be a super limited release, or just not released yet (which doesn't seem that unreasonable in a city large enough to have subways).

You can always try the sneakerheads at /r/sneakers, they may be able to identify them.
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Balenciaga Race Runners
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Very similar ones here from AliExpress.
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To follow on from essexjan: yes, it looks like the ones you saw are the $70 Chinese fakes, rather than the $700 originals. The sole is different.
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Amazing!! Thank you
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