Help with managing Facebook email alerts
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I am taking a break from facebook and would really like to remove all but the emails I want (status updates from a few people, event invites, birthdays) from showing up in my inbox. As each type shows up, I can opt out. How do I just do a mass opt out?

I'm on the email notification page and there are ways to opt back into each type that I opted out of, (Thank you, I do not need to know about Candy Crunch) but no way to select more types to do this. I'm taking a mental health vacation from Facebook, but there are some things I need to keep track of through it.

If there is no opt out page, is there at least a list of notification types that facebook sends, so I can search my email and make sure I've opted out of all but what I want?

Also, what do the settings for "important notifications about your or activity you've missed" actually mean? I am finding nothing through google with an actual definition.
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I think there's a way to do this if you install the extension "Facebook Purity". It's freeware that gives you a way to set filters on what you see on Facebook in general, and there's also some screening of facebook status emails as well.
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If you go into your facebook email notification settings, there should be a heading saying "What You'll Receive". Under this heading there are three options:

- All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from
- Important notifications about you or activity you've missed
- Only notifications about your account, security and privacy

You want to pick the third one, which should stop all emails except 'someone tried to log in as you' or 'an important update to our Terms of Service'.
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on post, I finished reading: I see you had already found that page! I don't know the definition of the second category - why not just select it and see what happens? What kind of specific things do you need to keep track of, can you not just log in once a week and check for them?
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KAOS, I'm looking to get emails about things I'm invited to, Birthdays and (hopefully) stuff that my SO and maybe a few friends post. I know the third is a real stretch, but I feel like I should be able to do the first two.
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