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Any suggestions for programs that can turn up the volume on quiet mp3s for Mac Tiger?
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This feature is built into iTunes, although admittedly it doesn't allow you to turn up the volume enough on some of the really quiet ones. Right click (or ctrl+click) on the song in your iTunes library, go to the "Options" tab, and use the volume adjustment slider.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks a lot. QED.
posted by dgaicun at 10:26 PM on January 5, 2006

How about if you dont use itunes? Or use a mac? Any windows apps that can do this?
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Response by poster: You know what, as long as I'm here, one more itunes related question. The tracks fade into one another, which is a nice effect generally when I'm listening, but some tracks have beginnings and endings that are important - can I tell it to not fade in and/or out on the beginnings and/or endings of individual tracks?
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dgaicun, Yes, uncheck "Crossfade Playback" in the Playback section of iTunes preference pane.
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Response by poster: Sure, but that's for all tracks. I mean can you tell it to chill on just individual tracks.
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gergtreble, I don't know if the Windows version of iTunes would make a permanent change the the mp3 file or not. You could try it and see.
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er..., sorry about that, I misread your comment. No, I don't think you can. You could get all fancy-schmancy and use an audio editor to add a second or two of silence to those particular tracks. You can also adjust the overlap on Crossfade to something shorter.
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I swear by mp3gain.
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A second vote for mp3gain, for the general solution.
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Third for mp3gain.
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On the crossfading question, if you leave the crossfading slider enabled and simply slide it to 0 seconds, it will continue to prebuffer the next song and just not affect the volume, but it will mostly eliminate that gap between songs.
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For affecting volume and a number of other audio tricks, you can use Amadeus II, which is a Mac only application. It works well for me, you can use it as a trial, and it's cheap to buy if you really like it.
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It's not free (though relatively cheap), but I've had good results with Volume Logic.
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