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About a decade ago I had an amazing dark green-brown/olive corduroy sport coat that I loved. It's since been lost in a number of moves, but I'd love to find something similar again. Please suggest a similar men's blazer if it turns out finding another one isn't in the cards.

For reference, I was able to find what I'm pretty sure is the actual jacket. It was a tasso elba olive coat, and looked like this. They're selling a M though and I'm not a M. I'm also more hesitant to buy clothes online as I'm not sure of my sizes beyond xl or xxl depending on sizing, which makes just pulling the trigger on a jacket from some place I've never heard of a bit harder for me. That said I'd love any help that can be on offer, it's getting colder here and I'd love to wear a new coat around!
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J. Crew may be an option. Otherwise a search for "olive men's unstructured corduroy blazer" brought up quite a few options on ebay and Pinterest that might help you find what you're looking for.
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I have a couple of corduroy sports coats that I wear constantly, one in the olive/dark green that you want, that I got from Frank Stella. I get them at the store, but you can get them online here.

They sell by jacket size, which means that you'll get a jacket that actually fits. (That M/L/XL thing almost never results in something that fits well for me.) If you are going to wear a sweater underneath often, go up a size.
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I'm not sure of my sizes beyond xl or xxl depending on sizing

Go to a local department store and ask a menswear sales associate to take your measurements for a jacket, so that you know what your chest size and overall length are. This is a complimentary service, and you'll be under no obligation to make a purchase. Tasso Elba is a Macy's house brand, so while it doesn't look like your dream jacket is carried this season, if there's a Macy's nearby, you may as well go there to get measured.

Once you've got your numerical jacket size (e.g. "46L"), if Macy's doesn't have what you're after, you'll be better-equipped to buy from online retailers. Mind you, you may still need a tailor to shorten the sleeves or adjust the fit across the back, but you'll be starting from a much better-fitting garment than something just sized S-M-L-etc.

J. Peterman tends toward the aesthetic you're looking for, and commonly runs sizes up to 52/XXL. They don't appear to have a corduroy sports coat at the moment, but keep them in the back of your mind. (Particularly their Last Chance Dept. )
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Seconding finding out your size in a brick and mortar store. Once you've done that, your shopping options expand considerably.

Brooks Brothers also carries a few corduroy jackets, although none in your particular green, and they look more formal to me. Orvis currently has a sport coat which is not corduroy, but seems to have a similar color and aesthetic to your old jacket.
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